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Beautiful Model

Nini Marini

Artist & Founder of Ninimarini Enterprise, Malaysia

Nini Marini is a creative entity from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is an artist, content designer and maker of vibrant things. A graduate of The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, in Visual Communications (Time-Based Media), she has spent 20 years in the Media industry as a producer, content innovation head for a leading National media company while practicing art on the side. Today, Nini is full time artist, content designer (media) and maker (creating products from her artwork). As an artist she enjoys painting large illustrative acrylic pieces inspired by nature and life observations. She has translated many of her original work onto different surfaces, turning them into functional products for the individual. All of her products are represented under her own multi-label called ‘MARINI, Malaysia’. Nini believes her art should be accessible to everyone and to do this it should take on many forms. Some of her creative explorations have also included metal installations, murals, pattern design, video and even experiments with artificial intelligence. Her visual aesthetic often floats between abstract and decorative, drawing inspiration from different aspects of nature such as flowers, trees, plants and surrounding textures. Elements of fashion illustration, textile pattern design, animation and craft (batik & weaving) can be found in her works. Nini Marini represents vibrance and imagination. This has led to many creative collaborations with like-minded brands such as Harpers Bazaar, Fendi, Piaget, Levi’s, Nike, Nikon, Epson & TOMS. She has also collaborated with individuals like Malaysian designers, Melinda Looi, Alia Bastamam, Syaiful Baharim, Adila Long and Faizal Hamid. She has hosted & sold out two of her own exhibitions, the most recent in 2016 ‘Reflections of a Peacock Butterfly’ where a lot of her signature patterns derive. Her original artwork is privately owned with the exception of the Royal Pahang Museum, Fendi, Piaget, TOMS & Nike headquarters respectively. She was invited to exhibit her work in New York in 2018 at Surtex (a surface & textile exhibition), becoming the first Malaysian to do so. Nini Marini will continue to evolve as an artist, refining her style with each creative exploration. She believes that art is important and that one should strive to find their passion, their #artforlife and nurture it to elevate themselves with it. #imaginationisnecessary for #vibrantliving

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