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Session VIII - Towards Sustainable Policies for Forests, Agriculture and Food Security

Shaanti Shamdasani

President of ASEAN International Advocacy, Indonesia

Shaanti Shamdasani is a seasoned Public Policy professional, known for her in-depth expertise on ASEAN matters with focus on international trade and political analysis. Her vision on ASEAN started in 2005 where she tirelessly brings the ASEAN debate at various local and international stages as well as being instrumental in shaping the ASEAN Economic Community Roadmap.

During Indonesia’s ASEAN’s Chairmanship, Ms. Shamdasani was contracted as a professional to serve with the office of the President of Indonesia, H. E. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on ASEAN matters as Advisor reporting directly to the President’s immediate team; working closely with various Ministers to drive a strategic debate on trade negotiations with India, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Her areas of expertise include healthcare, industry 4.0, eCommerce, logistics, trade negotiations and facilitations, policy making and free trade areas. She has been involved in various capacities at the I-EU CEPA, RCEP, AEC, ASEAN India, ASEAN China and other negotiations working closely with government agencies.

She established ASEAN International Advocacy in 2009 and has been working in consulting capacity with ASEAN Secretariat, APEC, WTO, EU, US Chambers and other agencies.

Ms. Shamdasani is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Law degree at the University of UPH in Indonesia; she is a regular speaker at local and international forums, she has appeared on stages and forums at United Nations (UN), Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN), Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC), Ministry of Trade in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar. She is part of the think tanks on trade issues developing policies with various governments in Southeast Asia .

Her strategic thinking is often covered at various publications, TV interviews and online news. She has been instrumental in providing policy directions for digital 4.0 roadmap in Thailand, eCommerce draft law in Indonesia, digital healthcare ASEAN position paper, logistics and transport (including airport guidelines on 7 rights), as well as big data analytics.

She has worked in India, US, China, Singapore and Indonesia and spent 15 years working with Fortune 500 MNC (Pfizer 9 years, Johnson & Johnson 5 years, Monsanto, and DHL) in a senior role as Regional Director for Southeast Asia overseeing Government Affairs, Public Policy and Industry Relations.

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