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Urban View from Window

Speaking at:

Session I - The Changing Economic Landscape: “The Need for a Meeting of Minds”

Hidayat Amir

Director of Center for Macroeconomic Policy, Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia

Hidayat Amir, as Director of Center for Macroeconomic Policy, conducts dynamic works in high level macroeconomic analysis and fiscal policy formulation. He is also in charge in Ministry’s Investor Relation Unit which engages closely with various stakeholders, particularly investors and rating agencies. He earned his PhD in economic from University of Queensland, Australia (2012).


Before appointed in his current position, he was a Director of Center for State Budget Policy whose responsibilities include formulating the state budget and fiscal policy. He also was a researcher of Fiscal Policy Agency with an extensive experience in fiscal policy and economic modelling, especially in computable general equilibrium (CGE), to analize the effect of a policy in taxation, trading, finance, and industry sector. Other economic model which have been developed by him are INDOFISCAL and INDOCEEC. Moreover, he has developed the CGE Web-based model (GEMPACK in the cloud) to simplify the using of CGE model as communication brigde for researchers and policy makers.

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