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Speaking at:

Parallel Session: Luncheon : “Women in Leadership Outlook 2030”

Grace Adoe

Heritage Future Leaders (HFL), Marketing Director of KIBIF & Co-Founder of Transjet, Indonesia

Grace Adoe is the Marketing Director of KIBIF Group and Co-founder of Transjet Logistics. KIBIF, operates under the company name PT Estika Tata Tiara is a public listed food processing company that operates farm to table business model. KIBIF believes by keeping the ecosystem together with farmers, suppliers, retailers, end customers and the government, we can create innovations and productions to contribute to Indonesia’s economy. KIBIF has operations in Subang, Cikarang and Salatiga each with respective functions and roles. The goal is to serve customers the assurance of high quality standards across the supply chains. Transjet Logistics, one of PT Estika Tata Tiara’s sister companies, provides end-to-end cold chain logistics solution for high quality halal food delivery. With the increasing demand of halal, quality and fresh food, Grace sees the need of a strong cold chain logistics to help businesses strive and consumers happy. Her other mission is to empower small medium businesses (UMKM) by being KIBIF’s partner in distributing halal food products nationwide. Having prior experience in working in consulting, marketing and ecommerce industries has equipped her in contributing to Indonesia’s economy through what she does at KIBIF Group.

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