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Session VII - Business, Venture Capital, STI to Empower Youth and Gender

Diah Saminarsih

Senior Advisor for Gender & Youth of World Health Organization Geneva, Indonesia

Ms. Diah Satyani Saminarsih is an Indonesian psychologist and public health advocate, as well as Senior Advisor on Gender and Youth to the WHO DG. She served in the Government of Indonesia as Special Advisor to the Health Minister in the area of Partnership and Sustainable Development Goals from 2014-2018. She led the overall design of Ministry of Health’s global health involvement, chaired the National SDGs Secretariat and joined the leadership team and Steering Committee for Indonesia’s Global Health Security Team.

Diah deflected her career curve from corporate restructuring specialist to public sector reformist when she joined the Office of President’s Special Envoy for MDGs in 2010. She envisions the breadth of ways in which behavioral science reshaping approaches to public policy. Her psychologist eyes, not only benefited her during the negotiation process of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals and Inter-Government negotiation of SDGs, but also guided her in several strategic initiatives she designed.


As the Assistant for Program Planning and Community Strategy, Diah received praised for major breakthroughs embracing the principles of open government and youth-led development.  Amongst them were sending young professionals in the form of inter-professional team to peripheral areas of Indonesia to address complex health challenges faced by Indonesian primary health care centers (Pencerah Nusantara program) and developing Partnership Map for Development, an online platform for facilitating multi-sectoral partnership and facilitating in-country engagement of all stakeholders in support of the implementation of the MDGs. Pencerah Nusantara has not only substantially improved primary health care service delivery in the designated areas but also granted global recognition as the second winner of Open Government Awards in 2015. Currently, Pencerah Nusantara has been adopted and scaled up by the Ministry of Health to reach hundreds of sub-districts in Indonesia.

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